The Life In The Bronx Series Set
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For the past several years, The Bronx County Historical Society has been at work on a history of life in the borough series. In 1979, the first book, The Beautiful Bronx: 1920-1950 was published, and this was followed in 1985 by The Bronx In The Innocent Years: 1890-1925. In 1993, The Bronx It Was Only Yesterday: 1935-1965 became the third in the series. This new volume takes a close look at a period of great technological change that brought the outside world closer to The Bronx. These were the decades when entertainment shifted from enjoying movies and radio, to spend-ing hours watching newly-purchased black and white television sets; when the preferred mode of transportation changed from trolleys, buses, and subways to automobiles; when popular taste in music shifted from big bands to rock 'n' roll; when heretofore tranquil neighborhoods were disturbed by the clatter of construction of new highways and high-rise housing complexes. This absorbing narrative of the colorful activities of these times is complemented with rare photographs from the research archives of The Bronx County Historical Society. They offer a vivid glimpse into the wide range of changes that occurred in these years and of the elements of continuity that preserved The Bronx as a desirable residence for the countless numbers of people that chose to make it their own.

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The Life In The Bronx Series Set

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