By The El: Third Avenue and Its El at Mid-Century
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At the midpoint of the 20th century, New York City stood poised as the "Capital of the World." The new Atomic Age had dawned. The headquarters of a new international organization for the post-World War Two era, the United Nations, had been established in the city. More importantly, the post-war consumer boom and its abounding prosperity had its key decisions made in the corporate and advertising headquarters in the canyons of Manhattan Island. Yet, on that very island, a thoroughfare harkened back to another age; it retained its distinctive aura despite the momentous changes in the city and the world. This book is about Third Avenue and its elevated railway structure during the early 1950s. The structure, known as the "El", the stations and trains en route radiated a special feeling and charm upon the neighborhoods adjacent to it. A young man appreciated this atmosphere and he endeavored to capture the scenes on film. The collection in this book represents the definitive work on the the El in its later years and the first to be completely in color.

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By The El: Third Avenue and Its El at Mid-Century

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