The Beautiful Bronx: 1920-1950
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1920 to 1950 were unusual and exciting years to live in The Bronx. It was during this period that The Bronx grew from a rural and suburban hinterland of New York City to become a full-fledged part of the thriving metropolis. Now author Lloyd Ultan, a native Bronxite, takes us back to those wonderful years to witness a way of life long passed. In this nostalgic look at The Bronx, we see people traveling by trolley, elevated line, and ferry; hard-working middle-class men and their wives living in brick apartment houses and cozy frame dwellings; children playing stick-ball and potzie in the streets or baseball in the empty lots and parks. Two hundred rare photographs give this fascinating volume the look of an old photo album. Almost every neighborhood is represented. As you turn the pages, you'll find pictures of Yankee Stadium, Loew's theatres (with their magnificent lobbies), Fordham University, Metropolitan Oval, the Grand Concourse, the Bronx River, Woodlawn Cemetery, the Botanical Gardens, the parks, the Hall of Fame, the Bronx Zoo, as well as scores of scenes from everyday life. If you're from The Bronx, you'll discover in this book a treasure chest of memories; if not, you'll find it to be an intriguing return to the past.

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The Beautiful Bronx: 1920-1950

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