McNamara's Old Bronx. by John McNamara
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A fun book, with a plain title. Though sounding more like a biography, this work is a compilation of newspaper articles written over the years. There are many interesting and sometimes peculiar tidbits from almost every neighborhood of The Bronx. Catchy headlines, brief passages, and a conversational style, make it great reading. Presidents, sports, games, movies, treasures, a respected professional counterfeiter, animals, and more are all part of this book. Did you know that the Titanic "sank" in the Bronx River? This book may also serve as a source of ideas for creative writing. Read this book and you can finally tell those "old-timers" in your family or neighborhood, a thing or two. This book covers The Bronx like no other. The Osgood File of The Bronx- and beyond.

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McNamara's Old Bronx. by John McNamara

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