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The Society's Research Library is unique in New York City. It houses an extensive collection of historical information on The Bronx, including books, reports, pamphlets, microfilms, and more than 150 archival collections in The Bronx County Archives. Located in the main office of The Society across the street from the Valentine-Varian House, the library is intimate and accessible. It is a major resource center for high school and college students, journalists, business and government researchers and scholars who have a professional need—or curiosity—to learn more about The Bronx.



The Bronx County Historical Society can do research on your behalf. For research inquires, there is an hourly rate of $50, with a 2-hour minimum, in addition to postage and other expenses accrued during research, such as photocopies, photographs, and so on, which you will be advised on and billed with your consent.


Use the "Special Instructions" field on the payment screen to input any specific details about your digitization request. You can also call (718) 881-8900 x105, or email your information to librarian@bronxhistoricalsociety.org. Include your order number in your message so that we can better assist you.

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