The Hudson River. edited by Elizabeth Beirne
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The articles in this book were originally presented at the annual spring conference of the Institute for Applied Philosophy at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. This series of conferences and books is provided by the Institute in collaboration with The History of New York City Project, Inc. The aim is to set the scene for the centennial celebrations of the incorporation of Greater New York City in 1998. When Henry Hudson’s ship the Half Moon sailed in 1609 into the river he passed our site here in search of a polar passage to the Oriental Sea. He knew within a few weeks that this was not an Arctic route and sailed back down to return to Amsterdam. Yet, Hudson pondered the meaning “… of his Great River of the Mountains whose alluring mysteries he had penetrated.”Today his river has become a symbol that inspires us in a spiritual sense and challenges us with its physical dimensions: as we continue to ponder the great river outside our window.

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The Hudson River. edited by Elizabeth Beirne

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