BCHS Journal - Volume L, N0. 1&2, Spring/Fall 2013 - $20.00
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BCHS Journal - Volume L, N0. 1&2, Spring/Fall 2013 - $20.00

Since 1964, when Professor Lloyd Ultan, Dr. Theodore Kazimiroff, and John McNamara founded the BCHS Journal, it has been one of the premier history journals in the tri-state region. The journal’s articles, written with clarity and scholarly substance, are of interest to all who enjoy accounts of people, business events, mercantile gain, defending the nation’s interest, or the love of The Bronx. They cover a wide range of subject matter (objects, people, events), geographical areas (international as well as American) and eras (millennia ago through today) and are for scholars, professionals and enthusiasts.

* The BCHS Journal is handsomely printed, well illustrated, and issued annually.

* A survey of sample issues appears on the BCHS website.

* A sample article from an issue of the Journal can be read from the BCHS website.

* Current issues are available only by subscription.

* Other items – back issues, cumulative indices and pictures can also be purchased.

* The BCHS Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts for publication.

* The BCHS Journal accepts paid advertising. Please inquire for rates and further information.

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BCHS Journal - Volume L, N0. 1&2, Spring/Fall 2013

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