Annotated Primary Sources
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Primary sources are vital to historical inquiry and research. It is of the utmost importance that teachers and students become familiar with original sources to enrich their classroom experience. Properly engaged students will prosper from working with primary sources at an earlier age, building a practical skill set that will ensure their successful completion of certain mandatory assessments that they will encounter along their educational journey. Source engagement is a practical inquiry-based learning technique, creating pathways and connections to historical events that students might not have worked with before. This book is special because we feature Bronx sources. Each document is annotated so that proper context is given to the reader while we highlight the borough's rich and extensive history. These documents can be used throughout a course, unit, or in individual lesson plans. We have chosen different themes to cover a wide scope of Bronx history and each document was chosen with a specific New York state learning standard in mind. We have also included Essential Questions to catalyze classroom discussion. It is our hope that you find these documents enjoyable, useful, and practical. This publication is one of many produced by The Bronx County Historical Society that can enrich your pedagogy.

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Annotated Primary Sources

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