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Morris High School - $25.00

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The history of a school is the story of a community and of the social issues that shape education. The creation of the New York City public high school system was the culmination of the major educational reform movement in the United States in the 19th century. "Morris High School and the Creation of the New York City Public High School System" is the first comprehensive history on the subject. Here is an engaging portrait of the city of Greater New York at a crucial turning point in the development of America's growing urban society. This unique work combines gripping narrative and descriptive detail, with scholarly probing research, and includes interviews with former students and faculty. Artistically designed, profusely illustrated with charming rare photos, reference tables, end notes, bibliography, and index. The reform movement reached it's peak, in 1897, with the opening of The Bronx's Centerpiece of public education, Morris High School.